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At Dallas Beauty Academy, we stand out as the premier choice for aspiring beauty professionals. Our commitment to excellence is unmatched, offering innovative programs that prepare you for a successful career in the beauty industry. What sets us apart is our dedication to your success, providing a supportive learning environment and top-notch education.

Additionally, we offer a one-stop shop for beauty professionals, with our store stocked with the best products that prioritize both client and professional health. Choose Dallas Beauty Academy and embark on a rewarding journey to a fulfilling career in beauty.


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14+ Years of Experience

Transformative Education

At Dallas Beauty Academy, we believe in teaching through practice. Our innovative approach to teaching prepares you to excel in the beauty industry. Our teaching community consists of talented and creative professionals dedicated to providing you with the best cosmetology education in Garland

Personal and Professional Development

We aim to enhance the development of our students throughout their educational experience. Our staff is committed to providing you with the tools and support necessary to reach your full potential. At Dallas Beauty Academy, we not only offer you exceptional education, but also a welcoming and stimulating environment where you can grow and develop as a professional.

Excellence and Passion for Cosmetology

We are a community dedicated to inspiring and empowering our students. Our team consists of talented and creative professionals who are passionate about providing you with the best cosmetology school in Garland. At Dallas Beauty Academy, your success is our priority


Our academy can offer you

Nail Technology Program

Join us in the exciting world of nail technology. Our program will put you at the forefront of the industry. Reserve your spot today and start learning with the best teaching methods starting on February 11th

Cosmetology Program

Our hairstyling program will challenge you to think creatively and learn actively. With the most advanced teaching techniques, we guarantee you a enriching and fun educational experience. Classes start on February 11th

Eyelash Extension Course

We will soon be offering a new eyelash extension course in collaboration with Bella Lash, certified by TDLR. For registrations and additional information, contact us at (214)-227-5939 or through our section on the website.

Esthetician Course

Our upcoming esthetician course will start soon. Stay tuned for more details and registrations by calling (214)-227-5939